The Devil's Den

An intimidating puzzle

No application requesting either my explicit or implicit acceptance was tabled before I was hauled into this world. There is no way of finding out, whether I was the product of an emotional cataclysm. I am, my mind hopes, certainly, not the unfortunate result of an act, which I wish not to put in words. By whatever the definition it may go, what transpired at that ( fateful ) moment resulted in bringing me into this world and it was not of my own volition.

Philosophical Digression or Intellectual Masturbation

Philosophies may have a different opinion to this but, at the moment, I am not concerned with what they may or may not have to say to me, for I am concerned only with my immediate circumstances.

When the question of survival is posed and since responsibilities cannot be shirked off  (for conscientiousness, obviously, cannot be ignored)…

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