The Devil's Den

Your words are full of lies
There’s no life in your eyes
You radiate rabid dishonesty
It is all false, your modesty
Ah! Your lips! They cannot kiss
You do not know that bliss
Your arms cannot embrace
You are a simply a disgrace
You talk about education
All you mean is fornication
Love? It’s unknown to you
Your heart is dead! It is true
Compassion for you is a foreign word
A word that you have never ever heard
Understanding you haven’t got
On the universe you are a blot
On the womb that bore you, you are a blight
You came upon the earth to extinguish the light
You draped the world with the cloak of your sin
And soaked the earth with the blood of your kin
Your preached about a god of mercy, you swore in his name
You slaughtered his creation in his name for…

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