The Devil's Den

Holding her as I would a slender stem of jasmine in my arms,
I shall partake of the milky wine that flows from the goblet of the skies
Do I really care for the vagaries of this futile world full of follies
For I shall sink in stupor upon her alabaster breast to dream
And erotic stars of my intoxicated realm will gush forth in flood
As poems that will carry away the ugly face of the human world

I went by the rules and followed umpteen regulations
Qualities, they told me, to hold my head high and erect
Behind the screen of the infernal night, the elevated ones
Fornicated! The world did not see, for the darkness helped.
Those that stepped back and maintained decorum well,
Suffered the rod on the back and hot iron to the face
The silent secret orgasms of the pristine souls
The execution of…

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