The Devil's Den

We have sold our souls and become slaves. No exclamation sign is needed here as a punctuation, for the established truth is we have lost  our sense of individuality to hang our heads in shame. In fact, we have proudly become shameless.

We have sold our families to the corporate giants, who determine our welfare, our sense of wellbeing, our sense of individuality, and, even, how to use our intellect.

We stand in supermarkets and willingly submit to the subtle commands issued by what is technically called strategic positioning. We have filled our homes with industrial junk. We have brought ourselves down to abject intellectual poverty.

We have let our needs, wants and desires be dictated. We have sold ourselves into a modern slavery of industrial abuse. We are proud of our material wealth and forget that we have, as human beings, gifted with the wealth of intellectual discrimination between the…

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