About me

A freelance SEO writer who loves languages, reading and writing. A former student of English Literature and still a lover of words. As a freelance SEO writer, I am at home in the world of words and content writing is all about language, words and strategic use of words.

A lover of languages, a citizen of the world, a poet at heart, I am a romantic dreamer in my soul. I am, however, a realistic person, as well, who loves languages and words and phrases. My writings are filled with imageries and personification, and as a freelance SEO writer the attention is shifted from literature to marketing

Technically speaking a freelance SEO writer and a writer of literature have only one thing in common: the use of words but there the similarity ends. One is marketing and the other is literary enjoyment.

The world of a freelance SEO writer is a technical and professional one. Hence, leaving that here is my personal one. The motivation behind the words I compose comes from
my life experience. A living paradox, I am at home in three languages. English, Malayalam and German. English and Malayalam are, for me, my mother tongues (plural deliberate). My writings reflect my trials and tribulations, my yearnings and my simple thoughts. I travel through the world of words as I journey through my life. I partake of the nectar of life just as I partake of its poisons in the form of pains.

Survived have I and lived, too, through innumerable forms of circumstances and situations. It was never a journey of comfort and there were more tears than smiles but I have had the strength in me to stand my ground.

Sympathy, I ask not. Turn your eyes to the creativity of my language. Therein lies my strength.


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